Nordic Naturals Lunch & Learn

We had a great lunch and learn today with Nate from Nordic Naturals.  A large body of scientific evidence indicates that supplementing with fish oil benefits eye health in people of all ages. Why? Because fish oil is the best source for EPA and DHA, the omega–3 essential fatty acids that are among the most important nutrients for the development, function, and maintenance of eye tissue throughout life. DHA is particularly important for the eyes, and attains its highest concentration within eye tissue, where it accounts for approximately 30% of the total fatty acids.

The research-backed benefits of fish oil include:
• Promotes healthy eyes and vision
• Supports healthy tissue moisture and tear production
• Protects against age-related oxidative damage
• Maintains fluid and flexible eye cells and tissues
• Can help alleviate dryness and redness
• Is natural and safe for long-term use

Remember, not all fish oil is created equally.  Come by and pick some up at our office!30